Sabinsa ForsLean® Now Water Soluble

)May 29, 2002

Sabinsa Corporation Senior Executive Vice President, Mark C. Sysler announced today that a Final Judgment has been entered in the patent infringement lawsuit the company filed against Indfrag, Ltd. of India.

“We are getting tremendous interest in this item, it has great potential.” said Mark C. Sysler, Sr. Executive V.P. Marketing &Sales. “The Hollywood Celebrity Diet group has come out with “Slender Water” using our ForsLean® WS and our Citrin® K. They will be handing this water out at the Canne Film Festival in France this month.”

ForsLean® is a proprietary ingredient that has been patented for its use in promoting lean body mass. Coleus forskohlii’s weight management properties are not a traditional usage of the herb from which it is derived, and were discovered by Sabinsa. Sabinsa was granted US Patent # 5,804,596 for its use and composition in promotion of lean body mass, reduction of adipose tissue (fat) and weight loss.

The dietary supplements containing ForsLean® WS will have it listed by name on the label. “ForsLean® shifts the proportion between body mass and adipose, or fatty tissue in favor of lean
body mass, which improves overall health,” explained by Sabinsa Corporation’s Vice President, Scientific and Medical Affairs. “The effect can be measured by decreases in the waist hip ratio and the body mass index.”

ForsLean® is a registered trademark of the Sabinsa Corporation.

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