Fifty subjects (male and female) were randomized to receive 250 mg of ForsLean® or placebo capsules twice a day (morning and evening) half-an-hour before meals for 12 weeks. A significant decrease in body weight and fat content and a significant increase in lean body mass (p<0.05) was observed.



A 3-month, randomized, double-blind study results from 60 overweight volunteers demonstrated that consumption of capsules containing 250 mg of ForsLean® b.i.d produced a significant reduction in body weight and body fat when compared to placebo group. In conclusion, ForsLean® may be said to have a weight and fat reduction property, and could preserve lean body mass as well. No subjective or objective side effects in the active group were observed.



Twenty-four obese female subjects with BMI ranging from 28–45 (I degree to III degree obesity) were evaluated for the effect of ForsLean® on lean body mass and weight loss. Subjects were given 250 mg of ForsLean® capsules twice daily 30 min. before breakfast and dinner for 3 months.


ForsLean® demonstrated a significant increase in lean body mass with a corresponding reduction in body weight, BMI and fat content. Thus, it was concluded that good tolerability of ForsLean® along with its weight loss efficacy makes it an attractive option in the treatment of obesity.



In another open-field, 12-week study, ForsLean® (10% diterpene forskolin) was evaluated in overweight volunteers for effect on body composition. ForsLean® was administered in a dose of 125 mg twice a day. Body composition measurements were taken on day 0, first month, second month and third month.


At the end of the study, it was observed that supplementation of ForsLean® resulted in significant decrease in total body weight (p<0.05), body fat (p<0.01), and improved BMI and lean body mass (p<0.05 both) compared to baseline. Overall, results indicated that supplementation of ForsLean® could be useful in weight loss management with no apparent subjective and objective side effects of the regimen.

Hilton Head

In a 8-week, open-field, pilot study, effect of ForsLean® on weight loss and lean body mass was tested in obese women volunteers. Each participant was advised to take 2 capsules containing 250 mg of the standardized extract (i.e. 10% forskolin) twice daily, and were examined by a physician at the inception and after 4 and 8 weeks of the study.


Participants were asked to maintain their previous daily physical exercise and eating habits. Results suggested that upon supplementation, mean values for body weight and fat content were significantly decreased (p<0.05 both), whereas lean body mass was significantly increased (p<0.05) as compared to the baseline. In conclusion, ForsLean® supplementation was found to be a safe and effective weight loss regimen.


University of Kansas

Another well supporting clinical trial reported that a dose of 250 mg of ForsLean® twice daily, significantly increased lean body mass and decreased body fat in obese male subjects. This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled 12 weeks study evaluated the effect of forskolin on body composition, testosterone, metabolic rate and blood pressure in 30 overweight and obese men.


ForsLean® supplementation elicited favorable changes in body composition by significantly decreasing body fat percentage and fat mass compared with the placebo group (p≤0.05). Additionally, forskolin administration resulted in an increase in bone mass compared with the placebo group (p≤0.05). There was a trend toward a significant increase for lean body mass in the forskolin group compared with placebo (p≤0.097).


University of Memphis

Effective mitigation of gains in body mass (p=0.10) and scanned mass (p=0.08) was witnessed when 23 overweight female volunteers were supplemented with ForsLean® in a 12-week, double-blind, randomized clinical trial. Overall, results suggested that ForsLean® may help mitigate weight gain in overweight females with apparently no clinically significant side effects.

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Sabinsa was conferred with The Nutracon Best Product Award 2001 for ForsLean®, its proprietary ingredient, which has been patented for its use in promoting lean body mass at the Nutracon conference held in San Diego, CA, USA. This award was given based upon its scientific merits.