Clinical Studies

Several clinical investigations around the world have revealed the supportive role of forskolin for fat reduction and maintaining lean body mass. Although efficacy was the primary purpose of these trials, parameters related to safety were also monitored. The major breakthroughs on the usefulness of forskolin in shredding that extra fat are explained in this section.


Twenty-four obese female subjects with BMI ranging from 28–45 (I degree to III degree obesity) were evaluated for the effect of ForsLean® on lean body mass and weight loss. Subjects were given 250 mg of ForsLean® capsules.


In another open-field, 12-week study, ForsLean® (10% diterpene forskolin) was evaluated in overweight volunteers for effect on body composition. ForsLean® was administered in a dose of 125 mg twice a day.


Effective mitigation of gains in body mass (p=0.10) and scanned mass (p=0.08) was witnessed when 23 overweight female volunteers were supplemented with ForsLean® in a 12-week, double-blind randomized clinical trial.