Extensive research since last 40 years helped to scientifically validate the versatile health benefits of Coleus forskohlii that have long been known in folk medicine.

A major breakthrough in research on forskolin was the discovery that Coleus forskohlii root is a clinically effective natural ingredient in the weight management. It has been found that forskolin has the ability to restrain the conversion of calories to fat, due to which the excess calories gets converted to glycogen, which builds muscles attributing to lean body mass.

Several studies have validated the positive effects of forskolin in enhancing lean body mass, promoting fat loss and improving the overall body composition.

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A method of promoting lean body mass in an individual is disclosed, comprising administering to the individual a lean body mass promoting effective amount of forskohlin. A method of treating a mood disorder is also disclosed.


Sabinsa was conferred with The Nutracon Best Product Award 2001 for ForsLean®, its proprietary ingredient, which has been patented for its use in promoting lean body mass at the Nutracon conference held in San Diego, CA, USA. This award was given based upon its scientific merits.