New Supercritical Extraction Facility

October 31, 2002

Sabinsa Corporation, announced the completion of its new supercritical carbon dioxide extraction facility at Bangalore, India based SAMI Labs, the company’s manufacturing division. According to Dr. Majeed, “this facility will provide additional opportunities for us to serve our customers better.” The capacity of the plant is about 2000 kg feed material per day. Supercritical extraction is a two step process which uses a dense gas, carbon dioxide (CO2), as a solvent above its critical temperature (31°C) and critical pressure (74 Bar).

As the extraction takes place at low temperatures in an inert solvent, the color, flavor and biological value of temperature sensitive materials remain unaffected. Pulverized raw material is loaded into the extractor. Supercritical CO2 is fed to the extractor through a high pressure pump and functions as a solvent The extract-laden CO2 is then sent to a reduced pressure separator, where the extract separates.

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