March 30, 2001 Big

ForsLean addresses overall metabolic health and not just weight management, says Mr. Shaheen Majeed, President-Worldwide, Sabinsa

At April’s SupplySide East trade show, Sabinsa Corp. (East Windsor, NJ) explained how its branded Coleus forskohlii extract ingredient, ForsLean, is approaching the weight management and metabolic health market in a new way. Recently, the company announced it received new patents in several countries based on newly gleaned information about how the ingredient, which was primarily marketed as a body-composition ingredient, works to achieve what Sabinsa is now calling “energy balance”—that is, the conversion of white fat to brown fat. (The patents are: Japan Patent Number 6472453, U.S. Patent Number 10085963, and Australian Patent Number 2015351423.)

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