Korean FDA Approval

Korean FDA approved Sabinsa’s ForsLean® as a Functional Health Food Ingredient with the official permission number 2009-47, after extensive assessment of complete dossier on ForsLean®, including required safety and other toxicological data. This gives an additional vote of confidence to ForsLean®’s safety data in terms of its specific health claim that it helps reduce body fat.

Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award 2004

Sabinsa received the Research & Development Council of New Jersey’s 2004 Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award in the Consumer/Small Company category. The award recognized the innovation in developing ForsLean® ingredient and honored its U.S. patent (No. 5,804,596). The patent covers methods of preparing Coleus forskohlii for use in promoting lean body mass and treating mood disorders.

Nutracon Award 2001

Sabinsa was conferred with “The Nutracon Best Product Award 2001” for ForsLean®, its proprietary ingredient, which has been patented for its use in promoting lean body mass at the Nutracon conference held in San Diego, CA, USA. This award was given based upon its scientific merits.